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R2R Workbook Volume 2

This workbook introduces over 40 additional exercises for counsellors and educators utilising the Rhythm2Recovery model of rhythm and reflection in their practice. Its themes address issues such as empathy, gratitude, bullying prevention, choices, roadblocks to personal growth, social responsibility, managing change and many more. With application in individual, family and group settings.

Session Cards

52 Individual session cards aligned to the exercises in the R2R book, divided into five seperate themes: Social & Emotional Learning; Health & Wellbeing; Strengths & Virtues; Culture & Identity; Families, Teams & Communities.
These cards provide a 1hr framework for a themed session and include specific exercises from the R2R book, and relevant reflective questions that address each topic. Note, these cards are not a stand-alone resource and are used in conjunction with the book ‘Rhythm to Recovery’.

Workplace Development Manual

This manual is full of fun and practical exercises that address common workplace issues, with a view to improving the health, happiness and productivity of employees. It covers 14 different topics in 90 minute modules including Values, Trust, Communication, Change, Leadership, Teamwork, Diversity, Power, Stress and many others.

Rhythm To Recovery

Combining rhythmic music and movement with cognitive reflection and mindfulness, this comprehensive handbook shows how drumming and other rhythm-based exercises can have a powerful effect in individual, group and family settings.

Incorporating the latest research on how rhythmic music impacts the brain, this book features over 100 different exercises spanning five key developmental areas: social and emotional learning; identity and culture; strengths and virtues; health and wellbeing; and families, teams and communities. It offers a safe entry to cognitive reflection through fun, experiential rhythmic exercises and is useful for working in settings such as school, child and adolescent counselling settings, mental health and drug and alcohol interventions, trauma counselling and relational counselling. Important sections on the use of metaphor and analogy show how to reinforce experiential outcomes. The book also contains helpful sections on working with specific populations, key facilitation skills and managing challenging behaviours. Downloadable resources such as evaluation forms, certificates and 52 session cards optimise the process of implementing this approach in practice.

Drum Circles for Specific Population Groups

Drum Circles for Specific Population Groups brings together the collective experience of twenty practitioners working across the world in support of specialist populations using the medium of drumming. The authors are experts in their fields and provide critical advice on best-practice for working with youth, the elderly, veterans, people of different abilities, prisoners, those managing addiction, trauma patients, people experiencing grief and loss and many more. As interest in these techniques grows across the health & education sectors, this book presents the latest clinical evidence and makes a compelling case for increasing the use of rhythmic music in contemporary practice. Above all the book has been designed as a practical resource to assist those entering the field with each chapter providing information on setting up for success and avoiding common pitfalls, as well as detailing multiple drumming exercises and games relevant to supporting each demographic.
Specific demographics include:   
 Children, Youth, Autism, Trauma, Mental Health, Drugs & Alcohol, Refugees, Neuro-diverse Communities, Physical & Intellectual Disabilities, Seniors, Dementia & Alzheimer’s, Grief & Loss, Living with Cancer, Prisoners, Veterans, Survivors of Natural Disasters, Aboriginal or 1st Nations, Wellness & Personal Growth, and Corporate groups.

R2R Game Cards

This pack contains 50 different rhythm games, from the Rhythm2Recovery catalogue.

The games are divided into five themes:

  • Introductory Games – 10 games
  • Teamwork Games – 10 games
  • Creative Games – 10 games
  • Focus Games – 10 games
  • Social & Emotional Learning Games – 10 games

They can each be played alone or combined with reflective questioning to extend social and emotional understanding.

Young People with Special Needs

This manual has been developed for ‘special needs’ educators, and details a wide range of musical exercises, adapted specifically for children with different physiological and cognitive abilities.

Specific areas focus on helping children with motor-coordination and timing, and learning to play music together as a fun, social activity. Other sections target the development of social skills, emotional attunement and the management of emotions.

The manual includes an appendix of specific visual aids to assist with  communication, and instruction.

Healthy Relationship Program

This comprehensive manual details a 12-session Healthy Relationship Program aligned to the National Health Curriculum.

Adaptable for both youth and adult populations, it can be used by schools and a wide range of support services.Based on the latest research into effective practice, this program addresses a wide range of issues linked to healthy relationships using the R2R model of rhythmic music & discussions. Each session provides detailed background information on the theme and its relevance to improving relationship skills as well as full details on how to implement the chosen exercises to deliver the learning outcomes.

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Program

An eight week, structured program that addresses Bullying issues in schools, based on up to date research on effective practice.
Suitable for both whole classrooms, and targeted ‘high risk’ groups.
This program addresses a wide range of issues linked to bullying in its different formats using the R2R model of rhythmic music & discussions.
Each session provides detailed background information on the theme and its relevance to bullying as well as full details on how to implement the chosen exercises to deliver the learning outcomes.
Specific sessions deal with cyber-bullying, effective bystander interventions and resilience.

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