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Violence Prevention Program

This comprehensive manual details a core 16-session Violence Prevention Program with additional modules for addressing Family Violence and Ideological Violence.
Adaptable to both youth and adult populations, including both victims and offender support groups.
Based on the latest research into effective practice, this program addresses a wide range of issues linked to violence using the R2R model of rhythmic music & discussions.
Each session provides detailed background information on the theme and its relevance to violence as well as full details on how to implement the chosen exercises to deliver the learning outcomes.
Specific exercises are included for the development of social skills that reduce aggression.

Alcohol & Drug Prevention & Early Intervention Program

A twelve session program that explores social and emotional issues relevant to drug and alcohol misuse. This manual draws upon the most recent research into effective drug and alcohol prevention, as well as the authors 15 years experience in the field.

It has application for both prevention and treatment settings, and includes specific experiential exercises that address emotional regulation, drug refusal and mindfulness.

Three Program Bundle

Three detailed R2R program guides – Healthy Relationships, Bullying, and Violence-Prevention.

Three Programs + Session Cards

Three R2R program Manuals plus the R2R Session Card Pack

Note, the session cards are not a stand-alone resource and are used in conjunction with the book ‘Rhythm to Recovery’.

Four Program Bundle

Four detailed R2R program guides – Healthy Relationships, Bullying, Violence-Prevention and Alcohol & Drug Prevention.

Tonal Chimes

Rhythmband chroma-notes, 9-note Pentatonic Chime set with padded carry case.

12 x Samba Djembe Pack for Group Work

12 light-weight Samba Djembe’s (assorted patterns) – for groups, suitable for 10 years old to adult.

These have a great sound, are durable and easy to lift and transport.

Normally retailing at A$ 260 each plus freight – This package – A$ 225 each plus freight.

Total for 12 drums – A$ 2,700 plus freight (includes GST).

R2R Percussion Pack

A set of five quality percussion instruments:

1 x Agogo Bell & beater
2 x Pairs of Clave (Tapping Sticks)
2 Shakers

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