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Jo-anne D’Cress

This was a very valuable training program with material which will be of great benefit to our clients and community. I really enjoyed the effort Simon put into ensuring the content was tailored to the issues our team are dealing with on a daily basis.

Rebecca Arbon

Through my facilitation of social and emotional learning groups that combine both drumming and reflection, I have seen tremendous success with indigenous students. Both male and female students gain confidence, resilience, a stronger sense of self and a stronger sense of belonging. Many of our indigenous students are better able to communicate with the assistance of the drums and feel more comfortable communicating within the group due to the relationships built during drumming games and activities. I am yet to work with a student who has not displayed a growth in social and emotional skills after being part of this work – I couldn’t recommend the Rhythm2Recovery program enough.

Gerard McDonell, Senior Psychological Advisor, Specialist Support Unit, NSW Education

Having run several DRUMBEAT programs over recent years and now having completed the “Rhythm to Recovery” training I was asked if there is really any difference? Whilst I value the content within DRUMBEAT, I find that the beauty of R2R is in its flexibility. I am able to tailer the program to the needs of the group. Whether in sessions with individuals all the way through to larger groups, R2R allows me the flexibility to address any number of issues that come up and for any length of time. From single sessions, through to an endless process of finding connection through rhythm and music, R2R allows me to find the balance that is required between conscious cognitive content and calming activities that allow us to emotionally regulate. I am very excited about its application within my work.

Anne-Marie Blacow, Senior Social Worker, Family and Child support, Relationships Australia.

The training was exceptional & will certainly aid my work with groups, families and individuals. Expressive, powerful & engaging training- I was one of those sceptics who couldn’t see the worth of drumming in therapy – how wrong I was – the links through metaphor were so clear and practical & the tool (the drum) itself was so engaging – an amazing experience.

Terrie King, OTR, LPC Heart Space Counseling Center, LLC – Texas

Simon is a gifted teacher, counselor and mentor! I had no drumming experience prior to the workshop, but following the training, I was able to confidently implement the program in multiple settings including the school system, veteran services, college courses and individual counseling sessions. After 30 years of practice, I can say this is one of the most refreshing and life changing programs I’ve implemented as part of my counseling and occupational therapy work.

Dr James Oshinsky, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Adelphi University, NY

I have seen Simon present and I have read his materials. He is a sincere and humble man with a great gift for designing experiential rhythm activities and for training facilitators of group rhythm. His interpersonal manner is disarming, and before you know it, you will be drumming with him, with opportunities to reflect on what your drumming says about you as a teammate, a coworker, a community member, and as an individual. Simon’s work has applications in corporate settings to examine team relationships, among incarcerated populations to encourage appropriate socialization and self esteem, in schools, in rehab centers, and dozens of other settings. The work is of high value to music teachers, music therapists, and music performers who wish to add new levels of audience involvement to their concerts. While his work is taught through a medium that requires no prior musical experience, it applies to all instruments at all levels of sophistication.

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