Corporate Programs

Many corporate businesses and other organizations suffer from inter-personal issues that impact the work environment and company performance.

R2R work with organisational management to design and deliver fun and revelatory programs that address specific issues impacting your workplace, which in turn lead to healthier, happier and more efficient staff.

“Totally enriched – exceeded expectations – Enough tools to last a lifetime”. Bill Lewis, Corporate Trainer

These sessions connect staff and focus attention on key themes impacting performance, using analogies drawn from the music. R2R corporate workshops deliver insight into inter-personal dynamics in an uplifting and empowering way which avoids the traditional business development format of the white-board., and leaves staff energised for change.


I have watched and participated in a number of sessions conducted by Simon. He is an outstanding facilitator and is an excellent professional to work with. Participants have always come out of his sessions with a lot of value.


Dr Ron Cacioppe
Managing Director
Integral Development

Totally enriched – exceeded expectations – Enough tools to last a lifetime. 

Bill Lewis,                                                                                     Managing Director,                                                                         Lewis Global




The Rhythm2Recovery Team offer a range of different programs, tailored to suit the needs of specific client groups. Each program is designed to meet your needs in relation to client focus, scheduling and budget.

Our programs combine best practice with ‘real life’ experience to deliver positive outcomes for your participants. All our programs include an evaluative component to provide you with feedback on the value of your investment.

Our team has wide experience working across all age groups, and cultures in settings as diverse as: schools, hospitals, prisons, youth services, rehabilitation centres, community centers, aged care centers, corporate organisations.

R2R program use a combination of rhythm and reflection to engage participants in a way that transcends language, creates a safe therapeutic environment and addresses key issues that impact quality of life. Our focus is on empowerment; supporting individuals, families and communities to address the barriers
that restrict the development of their full potential.