This two-day workshop is focused on helping communities impacted by natural disasters or extreme events that impact a whole town or region. It has been developed in response to the increasing occurrence of climate-induced weather events that are devastating communities around the world. The training is divided into two themes, run consecutively across each day: Theme 1 - Exercises that address individual and family suffering with a strong focus on trauma recovery, anxiety reduction, acceptance, problem solving and self-efficacy. Theme 2 - Exercises that support whole-community healing through recreational music making, accessible to community members of all ages, genders, abilities and backgrounds. And emphasising teamwork, collaboration and cooperation in a safe and uplifting framework.

Workshop Content

Day One – Part 1

  • The Rhythm2Recovery Model
  • What can we learn from disasters
  • Old Rhythms & New
  • An introduction to the drum in healing

Day One – Part 2

  • Community Rhythm Events – definition & applications
  • What is a drum-circle facilitator – the roles
  • Basic Instrumentation & set up
  • Facilitation skills – Finding the Pulse
  • Rhythm Games – Losing your Foundation

Day One – Part 3

  • Rhythmic exercises for rebuilding trust
  • Rhythmic exercises for defining values and boundaries
  • Rhythmic exercises for focus & attention
  • Rhythmic exercises for healthy relationships
  • Rhythmic mindfulness for anxiety reduction
  • Summary of learning/Questions

Day One – Part 4

  • Drum-circle Facilitation skills – establishing trust & building rapport
  • Drum-circle Facilitation skills – Level 1
  • Rhythm Games – promoting teamwork
  • Rhythm Games – promoting positivity
  • Drum-circle facilitation Skills – Drum Call

Day Two – Part 1

  • Rhythm exercises that explore communication
  • Rhythm exercises that focus on strengths (Positive Psychology)
  • Rhythm exercises for empowerment
  • Rhythm exercises for managing adversity (Resilience)
  • Rhythm exercises for acceptance

Day Two – Part 2

  • Extending your rhythmic repertoire
  • Drum-circle Facilitation skills – level 2
  • Break-out exercises
  • Drum-circle affirmation games

Day Two – Part 3

  • Rhythm exercises that address emotional issues
  • Rhythm exercises that support the cathartic release of pent up feelings
  • Rhythmic exercises that moderate emotional dysregulation
  • Rhythmic exercises for grounding
  • Rhythmic exercises for somatic release

Day Two – Part 4

  • Drum-circle Facilitation skills – level 3
  • Break out exercises
  • Drum-circle games – changing rhythm
  • Drum-circle Facilitation skills – closing
  • Summary of learning/Questions

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