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Rhythm2Recovery are the sole providers of the Village Music Circles Global Drum-Circle Facilitation Training in Australia and New Zealand. This work is based on the model developed by the ‘father’ of the modern drum-circle movement, Arthur Hull.

SYDNEY – June 3rd – 5th, 2022 – REGISTER HERE

Facilitated by Simon Faulkner & Benjie Williams

Venue – Royal Far West – 20-22 Wentworth Street, Manly NSW 2095

Cheap accommodation available on site – phone 02 9466 1700

Earlybird (ends May 1st) – $ 350 plus booking fee

1st time attendees (after may 1st) – $395 plus booking fee

Returning Graduates – $300 plus booking fee

Watch a video about VMC drum circle facilitation.

What is a Community Drum Circle

The VMC Global method is a clearly defined process of facilitating a group of individuals through the joys of participatory rhythmic music, in an inclusive & empowering way that maximises the groups musical potential. It is used by thousands of facilitators across the world in a wide range of settings, that include community recreation programs, school music programs, aged-care wellness programs, mental-health support programs and corporate development programs; to name a few.

Read recent research on the power of community drumming to improve mental health

One Day VMC Global Drum-Circle Facilitation Introductory Seminars

Rhythm2Recovery run a small number of introductory one-day seminars across Australia and New Zealand that provide a taster of the drum-circle facilitator training experience. These workshops do not provide an accredited level of expertise for participants, but aim to showcase the potential of the VMC Global model, in a fun and enjoyable way for individuals and services contemplating investing more seriously in this work as part of their future development.

We welcome enquiries from organisations and conference coordinators who are interested in the potential of the drum-circle to further the social development aims of their work, and are seeking a brief introduction to the process.

Three Day Accredited VMC Global Drum-Circle Facilitation Workshop

This three-day event provides certification for participants in the Village Music Circles Global method of Drum-Circle Facilitation. It is a fun, experiential, and intensive three-day program that details the different stages and processes involved in leading a community playing improvised rhythmical music in an empowering and uplifting way. This training is supported by a range of quality resources, and includes ample time for participants to practice the different Facilitation techniques covered in the material. Each three-day workshop finishes with an open community drum-circle offering further opportunities for practice.

VMC Three Day Workshop Schedule

Day 1 5pm - 9pm with break for dinner

  • Opening Drum Call & Welcome
  • Anatomy of A VMC DCF Training
  • The Anatomy of a Drum Circle
  • Community Drum Circle Protocol
  • Platform Learning Introduction
  • The Layers of Learning Basic DCF Skills
  • Basic DCF Skills
  • Building Relationship – Visual Radar
  • Basic DCF Skills
  • Call to Groove, Attention Call, Stop Cut
  • Review

Day 2 9am - 4pm.

  • Challenge Demo – Drum Call + Critique
  • 7 elements of drum call]
  • delivered = Critique
  • Basic DCF Skills
  • 1/2 Group Sculpt/Call & Response
  • Rhythm Alchemy for Musicality – By the Numbers
  • Basic DCF Skills
  • Sculpt Songs
  • Tasked Jump Time – Sculpt A
  • Song – Use the song for a Platform for Orchestration
  • Basic DCF Skills
  • 3 Point Radar
  • Transition Points
  • Free Form Jump Time
  • Optional Workshops – rhythm games, hand drumming skills, rhythm church etc.

Day 3 9am - 4pm includes community Drum-circle

  • 20 minute Challenge Demo – Run ‘The Map’
  • Critique
  • Curriculum Wrap Up – Tools, Techniques, Concepts, Vocabulary
  • Run the Map with Tasked Jump Time
  • Free Form Jump Time
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Playshop Close
  • Free Community Drum-Circle
  • Review and Feedback

Higher Level Training – The Facilitator’s Challenge

Returning graduates to the three-day VMC Global DCF Training are given an advanced course that challenges their basic skills, and receive advanced certification. Completion of these workshops is one of the prerequisites for those wanting to apply for VMC advanced facilitator accreditation and listing on the international drum-circle facilitator register.

A reduced fee is offered to returning graduates.

Contact us

For enquiries about Rhythm2Recovery programs, workshops, or general information please contact:

Simon Faulkner

Phone: +61 (0)429 038 380

Email: simon@rhythm2recovery.com

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