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Drum Circles for Specific Population Groups

Drum Circles for Specific Population Groups brings together the collective experience of twenty practitioners working across the world in support of specialist populations using the medium of drumming. The authors are experts in their fields and provide critical advice on best-practice for working with youth, the elderly, veterans, people of different abilities, prisoners, those managing addiction, trauma patients, people experiencing grief and loss and many more. As interest in these techniques grows across the health & education sectors, this book presents the latest clinical evidence and makes a compelling case for increasing the use of rhythmic music in contemporary practice. Above all the book has been designed as a practical resource to assist those entering the field with each chapter providing information on setting up for success and avoiding common pitfalls, as well as detailing multiple drumming exercises and games relevant to supporting each demographic.
Specific demographics include:   
 Children, Youth, Autism, Trauma, Mental Health, Drugs & Alcohol, Refugees, Neuro-diverse Communities, Physical & Intellectual Disabilities, Seniors, Dementia & Alzheimer’s, Grief & Loss, Living with Cancer, Prisoners, Veterans, Survivors of Natural Disasters, Aboriginal or 1st Nations, Wellness & Personal Growth, and Corporate groups.

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