Dr Jim Oshinsky, Clinical Psychologist, Adelphi University, New York

Simon Faulkner is an articulate and professional researcher, who can isolate and describe the social principles involved when people entrain via rhythm. This combination of skills served him well when he designed a sequence of classes using group rhythm activities to promote social skills gains in youth at risk in his native country of Australia. The DRUMBEAT program, he designed, grew to become one of the most successful and best documented programs of its kind in the world. Simon’s new work with Rhythm2Recovery has applications in corporate settings to examine team relationships, among incarcerated populations to encourage appropriate socialization and self esteem, in schools, in rehab centers, and dozens of other settings. The work is of high value to music teachers, music therapists, and music performers who wish to add new levels of audience involvement to their concerts. While his work is taught through a medium that requires no prior musical experience, it applies to all instruments at all levels of sophistication.

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