Simon Faulkner gets to the soul of rhythm and its potent use when working with individuals, families, and groups of all ages. This training is a treasure. It’s a must-do for anyone working in a therapeutic or educational context. When words get in the way, tune in to the principles that Rhythm2Recovery offers in this packed filled workshop.

Dr. Daryl Chow, MA, Ph.D. (Psych)Counselling Psychologist, Senior Associate & Trainer, International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE).


An absolute treasure trove of highly practical, concrete, grounded exercises which I will absolutely use in my own practice.

Dr Jane Bentley, Mental Health clinician, , Glasgow, United Kingdom.


Awesome! I found Simon’s teaching/mentoring – organised, comprehensive and meaningful. I left happy, grateful & empowered.

Solinda Bautista, Music Therapist, Manilla, Philippines.

Totally enriched – exceeded expectations – Enough tools to last a lifetime.

Bill Lewis, Corporate Trainer, Singapore.


I have learnt so many different activities that can be applied to my work with youth empowerment programs. A very wholesome experience.

Rhonwyn Hagedorn, Youth Leader, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A fully immersive and enjoyable training which has opened up a whole field of new possibilities.

Paul John Deer, Music Educator, United Kingdom.


Awesome! Very practical & a huge range of activities covered that can be applied & adapted to multiple populations and settings.

Rebecca Wermut, Music Therapist, Sydney, Australia.


A really great, motivating workshop, well run with a practical focus and a friendly atmosphere – very supportive facilitator.

Paul McEvoy, Music Therapist, Sydney, Australia.


I absolutely loved this workshop. I have gained in knowledge and experience that will be beneficial both to myself and in my work, Thankyou.

Linda Irvine, Clinical psychologist, NSW, Australia.

Simon Faulkner is a rare talent. On the one hand, he is an engaging and dynamic presenter, who can get groups of people of all ages drumming in an artistic and coordinated way. At the same time, he is an articulate and professional researcher, who can isolate and describe the social principles involved when people entrain via rhythm. This combination of skills served him well when he designed a sequence of classes using group rhythm activities to promote social skills gains in youth at risk in his native country of Australia. The DRUMBEAT program, he designed, grew to become one of the most successful and best documented programs of its kind in the world. I have seen Simon present and I have read his materials. He is a sincere and humble man with a great gift for designing experiential rhythm activities and for training facilitators of group rhythm. His interpersonal manner is disarming, and before you know it, you will be drumming with him, with opportunities to reflect on what your drumming says about you as a teammate, a coworker, a community member, and as an individual. Simon’s work has applications in corporate settings to examine team relationships, among incarcerated populations to encourage appropriate socialization and self esteem, in schools, in rehab centers, and dozens of other settings. The work is of high value to music teachers, music therapists, and music performers who wish to add new levels of audience involvement to their concerts. While his work is taught through a medium that requires no prior musical experience, it applies to all instruments at all levels of sophistication.

Dr Jim Oshinsky, Clinical Psychologist
Adelphi University, New York, USA.

Simon Faulkner is my major VMC program producer in Australia, so my experience is that he knows how to produce an excellent training event. In my work across Australia, I have met and worked with many of Simon’s graduates, this gave me some insights as to the effectiveness of Simon’s programs and how his protocols are effectively applied in real life, and real challenging situations. I was very impressed. I have attended Simon’s trainings and worked with him in delivering programs to high risk youth and adults in schools and prisons. Simon Faulkner is able to deliver an exceptional experiential program and leave people demonstrating a high degree of confidence and competence in their ability to work with the drum in therapeutic environments.
If you are now, or ever planning to, work with any type of at risk population in schools, behavioral centres, hospitals, drug and alcohol rehabs, mental health rehabs, trauma services, prisons or child protection services, then you can not afford to miss an opportunity to work with Simon and increase your skills.

Arthur Hull
Village Music Circles, CA, USA


‘Having run several DRUMBEAT programs over recent years and now having completed the “Rhythm to Recovery” training I was asked if there is really any difference? Whilst I value the content within DRUMBEAT, I find that the beauty of R2R is in its flexibility. I am able to tailer the program to the needs of the group. Whether in sessions with individuals all the way through to larger groups, R2R allows me the flexibility to address any number of issues that come up and for any length of time. From single sessions through to an endless process of finding connection through rhythm and music, R2R allows me to find the balance that is required between conscious cognitive content and calming activities that allow us to emotionally regulate. I am very excited about its application within my work.’

Gerard McDonell
Senior Psychological Advisor
Specialist Support Unit, NSW Education, Australia.

More than anything else I was looking for a course that could deliver social understanding, self-confidence and empowerment for my students; this course delivered 10/10,

Kylie Bishop, Bold Park Community School, WA.

The most enjoyable and relevant training I have had – I feel inspired both professionally and personally.

Sofia Awadalla, School Counsellor, Catholic Ed. Sydney, Australia.


“Through my facilitation of social and emotional learning groups that combine both drumming and reflection, I have seen tremendous success with indigenous students. Both male and female students gain confidence, resilience, a stronger sense of self and a stronger sense of belonging. Many of our indigenous students are better able to communicate with the assistance of the drums and feel more comfortable communicating within the group due to the relationships built during drumming games and activities. I am yet to work with a student who has not displayed a growth in social and emotional skills after being part of this work – I couldn’t recommend the Rhythm2Recovery program enough.”

Rebecca Arbon
Senior Teacher
Positive Learning Team – PARR Rural
NT Department of Education

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