R2R Therapeutic Rhythm Workshops

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Join us for two very special days exploring the use of rhythm based interventions in therapeutic and educational settings.

These two-day workshops  deliver an accessible and flexible platform for professionals wishing to work with rhythmic music to address physiological and psychological wellbeing. These activities address social and emotional deficits in a psycho-educational approach that is complimented by the positive impact of rhythmic exercises on the brain. Backed by an increasing body of evidence, this work is at the forefront of effective, evidence based, practice and has application across the age spectrum, and for people in a wide range of clinical and educational settings. Exclusive resources for trainees – this training includes a unique & comprehensive resource pack as well as exclusive access to training videos, additional session formats (lesson plans) and discussion forums.

DAY ONE – 9am – 4.30pm

The Rhythm2Recovery model – Linking the evidence of what works in therapy to rhythmic activities for individuals and groups.

  • An introduction to the Rhythm2Recovery model
  • Rhythm exercises and strategies to cement the therapeutic alliance
  • Exercises that examine values & boundaries
  • Rhythm exercises for fun and focus
  • Rhythm exercises for teamwork and healthy relationships
  • Rhythmic mindfulness
  • Exercises for physical balance
  • Teamwork & coordination exercises
  • Key Analogies linking the musical exercises to life experiences & encouraging reflection
  • Exercises examining managing change

DAY TWO – 9am – 4.30pm

The Rhythm2Recovery model – Key principles of effective practice, and a flexible template for client centred, rhythm based practice.

  • Rhythm exercises for better communication
  • Listening exercises
  • Exercises for managing adversity
  • Exercises promoting responsibility
  • Rhythm exercises for the safe expression of feelings
  • Rhythmic exercises for identifying feelings
  • Emotional regulation exercises
  • Grounding exercises
  • Rhythm exercises for coordination
  • Strategies for effective implementation

IN-HOUSE TRAINING, at reduced rates, can be organised for organisations wishing to train multiple staff in these modalities. We tailor these events to the specific needs of your team and with a strong focus on ensuring confidence in delivery. Download our training theme list here to view the types of focus we can bring to your training event – R2R Major Themes for Workshops

BRING A R2R TRAINING WORKSHOP TO YOUR REGION – If you are interested in the Rhythm2Recovery training coming to your region, we are happy to support you organise this. A training workshop generally requires a minimum 12 registrations at your countries rate – so in Australia, that is 12 x $590 (plus online registration fee $6.60pp).   Download this ‘expression of interest’ flyer to distribute in your region                   Download this contact sheet to record names of interested participants                                     Contact us for rates in other countries or further details.


About the Developer
Simon Faulkner is an experienced therapist, specialising in rhythmic based interventions, who continues to practice in a wide range of clinical settings. He is the author of the multi-award winning Holyoake DRUMBEAT program and its adapted formats, including the computer game DRUMBEAT Quest. Simon authored the book ‘The drum as a healing tool in therapy’ and has contributed to numerous research articles and other publications on the therapeutic application of rhythmic music. He is a sought after presenter at conferences worldwide and maintains a strong passion for advocacy on the part of the marginalised in society.

NB: This is not a Holyoake DRUMBEAT training event.


An absolute treasure trove of highly practical, concrete, grounded exercises which I will absolutely use in my own practice,
Dr Jane Bentley, Mental Health clinician

The beauty of R2R is in its flexibility. I am able to tailer the program to the needs of the group. Whether in sessions with individuals or larger groups, R2R allows me the flexibility to address any number of issues that come up for my clients. Gerard McDonnell, Senior Psychological Advisor, Specialist Support Unit, NSW Education


More than anything else I was looking for a course that could deliver social understanding, self-confidence and empowerment for my students; this course delivered 10/10, Kylie Bishop, Bold Park Community School